Celebrating 25 Years

Prentice Coaches has now been serving the East Lothian community and beyond for 25 years.
To celebrate we have commissioned a collage of some of the some important vehicles we've owned in those 25 years. The image will be used on various promotional items throughout the year.

We've been asked if we can identify the vehicle and why they were significant.

Below is a key to all the images featured in the collage

All images from our archive except where noted

  1. F196 PNR: DAF MB230 with Caetano Algarve II body - The first coach we ever owned.
  2. K98 RGA: Mercedes 711D - Our first new vehicle bought in 1993 to operate the newly won contract for the 123 Gifford Circle
  3. JSU 550: Van Hool T815 integral - The first full size coach repainted in our workshops
  4. Our original crest - fitted to all of our vehicles until around 2007
  5. S4 DPC: Dennis Javelin with Plaxton Premiere body - The first brand new full size coach we ever owned (Photo by Alistair Train)
  6. Y556/7 KSC: Mercedes 814D Vario's with Plaxton Beaver 2 bodies - Bought in 2001 for the newly acquired 121 and existing 123 services
  7. Y10 DPC: Dennis R-series with Plaxton Paragon body - The first production R-series on the road bought to celebrate our 10th anniversary (Photo by Stewart Brown)
  8. Our latest coach, a second Plaxton Leopard on Volvo B9R chassis
  9. SC02 DPC: Mercedes 814D Vario with Plaxton Cheetah body - Our first new Cheetah delivered in 2002
  10. SC56 DPC: Volvo B12M with Plaxton Paragon body - Our first B12M and at 12.8m long our first coach over the previous legal maximum of 12m
  11. SS57 PCH: Mercedes 816D Vario with Plaxton Cheetah 2 body - The first 33 seat version of Plaxton's new Cheetah 2 body (Photo by Gordon Stirling)
  12. YX12 DHL & SN12 EHL: Alexander Dennis Enviro 200's - Bought in 2012 when we returned to running bus services
  13. Route ONE Operator Excellence Awards Logo - We won Medium sized Coach Operator of the year 2012 and the following year Small sized fleet Coach Operator ofthe Year 2013 at these prestigous awards
  14. SS63 PCH: Volvo B9R Plaxton Leopard - The second of the new Leopard's built but the first on the road
  15. SN16 OGR, SN65 OEW & SN65 OEX: Alexander Dennis Enviro 200's - The first 'Low Carbon' Enviro's built to the new 9.6m length used on our 111 service to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary