BUSK - 6 Star Benchmark Operator

We are delighted to announce that on the 6th February 2013 were were accepted by BUSK into both there 'Simply Safe' and 'Benchmark' safety schemes

Letter from BUSK confirming we are now members

Our BUSK Membership Certificate

A first for the UK as Coach Operators are star rated for safety!

For the very first time, a star rating for coach operators has been launched. 'Benchmark' is a simply structured scheme allowing a reputable operator to visually demonstrate to everyone that they are safety compliant by displaying their awarded green stars on their fleet.

Prentice Coaches are honoured to be one of around 50 founder companies, of which only seven are from Scotland, accepted into the scheme. Companies are assessed by BUSK and given a star rating. We have been given a 6 Star rating, the highest available.

To be accepted as a member by BUSK of 'Simply Safe' and 'Benchmark' we have had to go through a rigorous inspection process. This has included submitting 3 years worth of maintenence records, showing that our drivers all hold 'Enhanced Disclose Scotland' certificates and providing evidence that all our staff undergo periodic training.

Benchmark is unique because it is the first time in the history of minibus and coach operation that a star rating system has been available in the UK. "A Benchmark company has been checked out by BUSK before they are accepted onto the scheme and they will be policed by us for as long as they remain members. This gives parents confidence that their child is guaranteed to be in safe hands when travelling with a Benchmarked company. Benchmark star rating is nothing to do with luxury and absolutely everything to do with safety" says Pat Harris, Director of BUSK.

For much more information please visit the BUSK Official website>