Changes to our Bus Services in May and June 2018

We are making some changes to our timetables in the next few weeks.
The changes to each service are listed below, click the link to view the new timetable for each route.

101 Haddington Town Service No Changes

NO CHANGES are being made to this service at present
Click to download the current 101 timetable

108 Haddington to Fort Kinnaird From Monday 28th May 2018

Summary of Changes :- All outward jouneys from Haddington remain the same as the current timetable with the exception of the 1648 from Haddington which is extended to Fort Kinnaird, with the last return journey now at 1745 from the complex.
We have removed the waiting time at Musselburgh Tesco from all inward journeys to Haddington. All journeys leave Fort KInnaird at the same time but now leave Tesco, and all stops thereafter 5 minutes earlier. As mentioned above there is now a later, 1745 journey from Fort Kinnaird on weekdays..
The very poorly used journey from Tranent at 0702 to Musselburgh will no longer run.
Click to download the new 108 Timetable

110 Haddington & Elphinstone to Port Seton From Monday 11th June 2018

Summary of Changes :- All journeys wil be numbered 110, instead of some being 122. A new two way route will be introduced in Port Seton, rather than the present one way loop. The outward journey will use Edinburgh Road then Links Road, Long Craigs with the terminus at Alder Road with inward journeys operating in reverse order.
New Winton and Meadowmill will no longer be served due to an extreme lack of passenger use.
Click to download the new 110 Timetable

111 Connecting East Lothian to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary From Monday 11th June 2018

Summary of Changes :- An additional full length journey from ERI at 1615 and additional afternoon journeys between Longniddry and ERI. A journey from Longniddry arriving at the hospital at 1905 to suit nightshift staff starting at 1930.
At the request of NHS staff the first two morning journeys now arrive 5 minutes earlier than at present, now 0745 and 0845, and several journeys now leave ERI slightly later, 0815, the new 1615, 1715 and 2015 to allow staff time to reach the bus hub.
We have standardised times so that daytime journeys leave Haddington at 0855, 0955, 1055, 1255 and 1455. Daytime journeys from ERI leave at 1045, 1145, 1245 and then 1355.
In Prestonpans the 111 will now use Preston Road rather than Gardiners Terrace. Queen Margaret University will only be served from the Musselburgh Rail Station / Whitehill Gardens Bus Stop due to very poor student use.
Click to download the new 111 Timetable

111X Haddington to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary From Monday 11th June 2018

Summary of Changes :- A new early morning journey arriving at 0705, with a return journey leaving the hospital at 2015. These journeys are designed for staff starting a shift at 0730 and finishing at 2000.
Click to download the new 111/X Timetable

122 Haddington to Prestonpans From Monday 11th June 2018

All 122 journeys will now be numbered 110, please refer to that timetable for any changes