Minor Change of Timetable from Monday 4th April 2022

There will be minor changes to the timetable. The 1455 Journey from the Royal Infirmary will run to Haddington, as it did pre COVID with the 1705 from Haddington and 1835 from the Royal Infirmary also returning to pre COVID times.
There will be an additional School Day Only journey from Old Craighall to Musselburgh Grammar at 0750 for school children from the village, Burgh Gate and Stoneybank, who are outwith the catchment area with a return journey available from the school at 1530. All children must pay to travel or use the new Young Persons pass for free travel.

Fares increase from Monday 4th July 2022

Fares will increase between 10p for shorter journeys and 20p for longer journeys - See fare chart below

New 111 Timetable - Valid from 4th April 2022 - Click to download

111 Live Tracking Page - click to view

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